These are the tools that I use in the creation of all my books. The links are affiliate links, which means that I get something if you purchase from my link. 

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Publish and Thrive is absolutely what got my author career in order. This course is chock full of good information and Sarra is continually working to make it better. If that wasn't enough, you get this course for life. I have gone through this course and the HB90 course multiple times and I came away from it each time with new insight. The link in the picture (or below it) will take you to sign up for just Publish and Thrive, however, she offers a bundle deal! You can get both courses for one payment. I absolutely wish I had taken the bundle when I first signed up because I went through both, I just payed more. That said, HB90 helped me to organize my entire life in ways I never dreamed of before her class. I am still using the tools I learned in her class and I have gone through it multiple times as well. The benefits of applying the things Sarra teaches are real and measurable in so many ways. Lower stress levels. Focus, because you know what you need to do and the steps you need to take to get there. A career that is moving forward while you thrive and grow. Both links are to the left or possibly below if you are on a mobile device. 

Publish and Thrive link:

Publish and Thrive course only

Bundle link for Publish and Thrive and the HB90 course:

Publish and Thrive + HB90

I am in love with ScribeCount. Being a self-published wide author means that I keep an eye on everything. It also means I am listing my books through several retailers, so if I want to check my income or sales numbers, before ScribeCount I needed to visit every single one of those sites. Had to create a way to keep track of it all and do ALL THE MATH. That may not be a big deal to some, but it is to me. I don't want to spend my time doing that. Or figuring out what percentage of sales happened where. Nope, I don't have time for that.

I want to write. Need to write. Those things took away from writing time.

Enter ScribeCount. Everything is in one place. They show me what percentage of sales happened where. They break it down by the book for each retailer! I can know at a glance what series is doing the best this month, last month, this year. They even have an historical sales function! 

Click the picture to the left to learn more!

ScribeCount offers a FREE 2-week trial period, and even after that, if you are making less than $500 a month, it stays free! If you are publishing, especially if you are publishing wide, you need ScribeCount.

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This program saves me so much time and energy while I am doing my edits! 

Did I use the word also fifty times over the course of two chapters? ProWritingAid lets me know that. They catch things like when I put one too many e's in her and came up with here, or worse yet, heer.

This program also means that my editor doesn't think that I failed every grammar class I ever attended or that I possibly am incapable of spelling any word that has the letter combination eu in it. (That last one may actually be true.) Too much passive voice? They have your back!

ProWriting Aid offers a desktop app, an online app, and a browser extension. Make your social media more amazing with the extension as it will literally offer corrections and suggestions on making whatever you write better.  

Click the white PRO WRITING AID to the left and sign up, your editor and your readers will thank you.

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Plottr is where my books begin to take that beginning shape from the amorphous idea. With it I map out my entire book, from scene to characters to places; Plottr has a place for it all. 

Put that scene in the wrong place? Drag and drop that baby to the right place. As someone who started this with a three ring binder and so many sheets of paper, I cannot thank Plottr enough for putting an end to the extra clutter in my office. Not only that, in some cases exported directly to the correct file type for the program! (I'm looking at Scrivener here, because that is mostly what I use.) Click the orange PLOTTR to the left to go check them out!

I heard about Notion not long ago. People that I heard about it from were using it for various things but I saw a place to store all the things that make up my series bibles and my book details. All those things you use every time you list a book or format it or advertise it in some way. Notion has gifted me with one stop shopping for this and I love it. So much so that I created a series bible wiki template and will very soon create one for back matter and book info. Check back here often for updates and new forms that I have created on my journey.

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The links below are affiliate links, I get paid if you sign up. 

I love all of the tools listed here and I use them with the creation of every book. Want to know a little more? Click over to the Writer Tools page.

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