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The Vampire Kings


of the
Vampire King

What kind of fool would beg mercy from a vampire, even if he is a king?


I have one hope to keep my lands and people out of the hands of my mother and sister. I must beg the vampire kings to grant me aid and just hope they aren’t hungry as people that annoy them have a way of disappearing.


I just want my time in charge to pass quickly, until she arrives, begging so sweetly. Her blood sings to mine and her attitude promises anything but the monotony of late. Her problems seem nothing more than a welcome diversion until they attack her in my castle.

The king may have mercy on my people but at what cost?

of the
Vampire King


I couldn’t save them.

Strongest of the kings and still I couldn’t keep my brothers safe. Of the twelve only five of us survive. Yet, my brother has left me to guard this woman.

Everything about her draws me. I’m supposed to keep her safe but I am the greatest danger to her.


He looks at me like he is starved, and I want to give him everything, even if that means my death. Knox told me this Malic would keep me safe while he sleeps. I’m not sure where the most danger lies, with the ones that seek my death or here with Malic.


of the
Vampire King


Hunting is what I do. Since they hunted us, killed my brothers, I spend my time hunting those that still seek us. Now they have left me a protection detail, keeping me bound to the castle. She wants to run from me and I want her to run. I want her to run so I can catch her and claim everything she is.


He lurks around every corner. Always goading. Taunting. Tempting me. Pushing me to run.

I want to run, the question is will I run away... or to him?

of the
Vampire King


The scent of her permeates the castle when I wake, I can’t resist the pull of her. Luckily for her, I recognize the scent of my brother in arms before I drain the life from her.

The punishment for drinking from one we protect will be severe, but I would die for another taste of her.


His bite is heaven. I don’t want him to stop. What is wrong with me? I don’t even know his name. But what a way to go...


of the
Vampire King


I never wanted a crown, much less to be king of kings. Yet, here I am, hundreds of years past the time when I should have died and my brothers have left me with protecting a woman that ignites a fire in the soul I thought long dead.


He’s harsh, unyielding. My body and soul weep for his touch, for the touch of a man that hates me.

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