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The Fate's Chronicles Series


A Vampire's Fate

A Fated Mates Vampire / Witch steamy romance

My name is Fate. I thought my life was over when my husband died.

But it was just beginning.

Devon walked into the library, I thought he was trouble wrapped in a tall, dark and handsome package that I couldn't stay away from. He wants things from me that I just can't give, like the heart I buried with my husband.

My body yearns for him even while my brain screams run...

Right up until someone starts trying to kill me. Now Devon may be the only one that can save me as the killer my husband hired before his death still plans to earn her pay.


This book is now free! I have set it free as of December 9, 2020. Each retailer has been changed except for Amazon. The others will get the price change out as soon as possible, but the lowest Amazon will allow me to price it is .99¢. Please report it free to them as often as you can. 


A Vampire's Treasure

A Fated Mates Vampire / Witch steamy romance

Who would have thought convincing your vampire lover to turn you would be so difficult?

Devon was supposed to make me a vampire a century ago but I was murdered before he got the chance. Now he has all this opportunity and he keeps putting it off, I just need to figure out why.

Devon is the love of my life so why do I feel pulled to Charles who just won't leave me alone?

Charles comes to the library every night determined I will fall into his arms and his bed from the power of his dashing good looks alone. I want to say not a chance in hell but somehow, I find myself strangely drawn to him.

I know where my heart lies, but can I follow my heart knowing that it could cost the lives of everyone around me?



A Vampire's Dream​

A Fated Mates Vampire / Witch steamy romance

I just want to go home.

Charles has me here against my will and has become a completely different person. One that I am struggling to resist even as I fight to get back to my Devon. The attraction between us is magnetic but I am determined to make him take me back to Devon.

My sister wants me dead.

I don't know what makes her want me dead more, that I bound her powers or that I am here with Charles. Whatever the reason, Charles' house is a lot less safe for me with her here. She pops out everywhere, constantly attacking me.

Something has to give...

Charles has to take me home or my friends are going to show up and drop this entire house in a shiny new sinkhole created by Memré. The only thing holding them back is me, but I don't know how long that will last before they risk exposing us all to the regular world.



Fated for Halloween

Persephone is a happy goddess, even if her mother is controlling and tiresome. All that changes when her mother finds a new lover and Persephone finds Hades.


Now her life is in danger and she has to choose who to trust with her life. The mother that has cared for her all these years but has become a different, more dangerous person or the dark, sexy god of the Underworld.


Whoever she chooses, her life is going to change forever.


A Vampire's Chase

A Fated Mates Vampire / Goddess steamy romance

Being home has never felt so good.

I made it back home, having my family surrounding me again is the best feeling. Having Charles here too required some adjustments, but now I have two soul bonds with gorgeous men that adore me. The killer my husband hired is still out there, but with the expansion of my abilities I am a little less worried about that.


Pru somehow woke up from the induced coma and now she is on the run after creating mayhem at Charles' house. We have to find her before she kills again, but who is helping her?

Family I never knew.

My parents are in my life now and they plan to keep me around this time. They are training us in preparation for the attack they know is coming from... my grandmother?



A Vampire's Fight

A Fated Mates Vampire / Goddess steamy romance

The fight is on for possession of my body.

Demeter wants to take my body from me, but she won't get it without a fight. Whoever her Beast is can go find his own body. All I have to do is stay home until I am a fully activated Goddess, then I am no use to them.

Defense works great until it doesn't.

They took me but my family is out there and I know they won't stop till they find me. I just hope I can hold out that long with Demeter's Beast draining my power.

One way or another, it ends tonight.

The biggest battle of my life is almost here and all I can do is slow the drain on my power. Will it be enough to keep them from killing my family and taking my body? Will I be strong enough to keep my family in one piece?


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