The Chronicles of Fate's Vampire

Fated for Halloween

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Persephone is a happy goddess, even if her mother is controlling and tiresome. All that changes when her mother finds a new lover and Persephone finds Hades.


Now her life is in danger and she has to choose who to trust with her life. The mother that has cared for her all these years but has become a different, more dangerous person or the dark, sexy god of the Underworld.


Whoever she chooses, her life is going to change forever.


A Vampire's Fate

A love for all time.

Two hundred years ago we sought the magic that would tie us together for eternity.

We never guessed that was what he waited for, a way to torment my beloved Devon for all time.

By killing me each time Devon found me.

This time will be different.


Fate: recently widowed witch and happy to stay single. Until Devon walks into her library.

Devon: Two hundred plus year old vampire, tied to Fate by an unbreakable magic.

Charles: Once Devon’s best friend, now his vampire sire and eternal tormentor. 




Our love has lasted lifetimes.


His hate has killed me in every one of them.


Will our love find a way to keep me alive in this one?


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A Vampire's Treasure

Fate is moving on with her life, but the past is coming back to bite her.

Devon: Fate's vampire lover that stubbornly refuses to make her a vampire, but won't say why.

Charles: The vampire that keeps killing her as revenge on Devon only he is falling hard for her this time around.

Fate knows where her heart and soul need her to be; how far will she go to stay with Devon when it could cost the lives of everyone around her?

Natasha: Fate's right hand woman, determined to stay as far away from Devon's best friend Billy as she can, until one kiss lights the only fire she can't tame.

Billy: Devon's best friend, in town to help him figure out how to save Fate from her fate but keeps getting distracted by the fire that is Natasha.


A Vampire's Dream​



This fool may hold Fate hostage, but that doesn’t mean she will suddenly fall at his feet. No matter how handsome he is. All she wants is to figure out how to go home without Charles killing her friends.


What happened to his quiet life?


Fate is hostage in Charles’s manor, and he is certain that everything will be perfect now. He’ll just hold on to Fate until she falls in love with him and forgets all about Devon. Being a vampire means that he has all the time in the world.

Then Fate’s sister turns up at his door, claiming she is his reincarnated mother. Most of his accounts disappear, and Fate’s sister won’t stop trying to kill her.


A Vampire's Dream​

Available now!

Fate is back home where she belongs but danger lurks around every corner.


New abilities and a new soul bond with her former kidnapper complicate things plenty. But things really heat up when her sister escapes and vows to put an end to Fate for her mysterious benefactor.


Just how much can one girl take?


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