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Sin on a Dark Knight

Nearly ready to escape the marriage I thought would be salvation, I return home to find that someone else has set me free by murdering my husband.




If I can just stay alive long enough to enjoy it, because it looks like the vampires that killed him are still hungry and I look like a snack. On the run from one sexy sounding vampire, I fall into the lap of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. He says he is no better than the guy after me, but he saves my life.


What's one more sin?


Now I am in a world I never knew existed, vampires and magic are real. What seems like sin might be my only chance to survive.

Besides, it's just one little bite into a world beyond my wildest dreams.

A Steamy, Dark Vampire Romance




Sin on a Broken Heart


A Dark, Steamy, Vampire Romance


My broken heart.


Mikael betrayed me in the worst way. His attempt on my life shattered my heart. Now I face a vampire's lifetime with a heart that I don't know can be pieced back together.


Leonidas, gang leader and dark knight, but his heart calls to mine.


For all that he is leader of the gang that murdered my abusive husband and the rest of the neighborhood, he wants to stand at my side as I face trying to save our world from destroying itself. Can I really trust him just because he wants to be with me now?


So many sins...


My world is crumbling even as I am working to save the rest of the world. How do I save the world with a broken heart?


Sin on a Burning Heart


A Dark, Steamy, Vampire Romance


My heart is on fire...


They told me Mikael died when the house came down on us but I still feel him out there somewhere. When I start seeing him everywhere, I know he is still alive, even if no one believes me.


A Broken Prophecy.


I never wanted to be the chosen one in some prophecy and somehow, refusing to choose just one lover sent the whole thing up in flames. No one quite knows what that means for the fate of the world except that it still rests on my shoulders. No pressure...


What's one more sin when my heart is already on fire?



Sin on a Vengeful Heart


A Dark, Steamy, Vampire Romance


I thought Mikael’s death would solve my problems. I could enjoy this vampire life with my lovers and maybe settle into the library protector thing.


I have never been so wrong.


My life is a shambles, the ones that should be by my side have left me and my coworkers hate me.


My heart can’t take any more pain and it is screaming for vengeance.

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