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Vampire books I have loved

I am writing a whole vampire/witch series right now and it has me thinking about the books in the vampire genre that I have read and loved. Today I am sharing that list, maybe you will find some books you haven't loved yet. Here goes...

Can't have a list like this without Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. (Amazon or Kobo) I have read this series and most of her other works as well. The Witching Hour was pretty awesome too. But we are focusing on the vampire books here.

This next series has not been around as long as the first but I love it all the same. Maybe more for the main character being a kickass woman. The series is titled Demon Days, Vampire Nights by K. F. Breene. I tore through the series and most of her other books honestly, fantastic writing and the snark in her books makes me seriously happy. (Amazon only but they are in KU)

Kristen Painter has recently released a series that I am loving. It is part of the paranormal women's fiction genre and a vampire book. This book has vampires and the main character is a 49 year old woman! Book two in the series (First Fangs Club series), Suck it Up Buttercup, was released today. I am buying it and it is going straight into the books I read this week list. (Amazon or Kobo)

I haven't actually read this one, but I plan to remedy that this week. The Originals, I know, there has been a whole tv series come and go on this one. I actually saw a few episodes of the series and I was loving it. I bought the books today and I will be sinking into this after I finish Suck it Up Buttercup. (Amazon or Kobo)

There are a bunch more but if I want to get some reading time in before people start whining about dinner, I have to go find a sunny spot to read in. And the puppies miss me too.

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