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Two Book Release February!

I did it. All the pre-orders I set up last year are officially published. Or will be by midnight of the day this goes out. My part is done though, A Vampire’s Chase is uploaded. Good news, that is not the end of The Chronicles of Fate’s Vampire as a series. There is at least one more book, maybe two in that series.

For now, I am working on plotting out the rest of that series and a new vampire series. I am really excited about this one, it started from a dream I had. So now we have the first vampire, fated mates, and probably some reverse harem at some point in the series. Wherever it goes, the main character is not going to be innocent or shrinking from sexy times. I bought the domain for a reason and that reason is that I am definitely writing magical smut novels.

I will add covers and links below, along with the links. The covers should link, but I will be including the direct link as well since they (for some strange reason) don’t always work anymore. It is annoying that they have stopped working in the pictures, but I am just going to roll with that is the way the game is being played now so, links everywhere because I hate the oops emails too. They just piss me off and being forced into them because my links mysteriously did not work, not ok. I am hoping to stick to the schedule I have planned for the year to publish.

Going to be a little kinder to myself and work with what is happening. To that end, if I do preorders this year, they will be short. No long preorders, the deadlines kind of slow me down, they cause a weird resistance in me that I don’t like. So fuck all that noise.


Just click the pic!

Just click the pic!

Valentine’s Books!

A whole list of excellent romance reads , all paranormal.

Just click the pic.

I know I haven’t been sharing the puppy pictures lately. There is a reason for that. The reason is I am lazy. I post videos of them frequently on Tiktok and I am working to start posting on Insta again. Please follow me on one or both for all the pictures of the puppers and kitters. You can find all the links for my social stuff below in the link tree. (Actual link is below the dot if it doesn’t work)

One link to Find it ALL…

linktree below. Just click the pic.

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