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Trying a new thing

I have been seeing Wix mentioned all over the place. Author groups, podcasts (ok, so I don't exactly 'see' them there but you get the idea), etc. Everyone talking about how fantastic it is and how easy. I thought it couldn't be that great so I kept fighting with my regular hosting.


I started looking at this roughly an hour and a half ago. My website is set-up. Already. It has a bio, blog, books page, home page, and it all looks so much nicer than what I have with my current hosting. Easy and fabulous. I have been with my current hosting for a long time, but after the ease of this setup, I am done with them. I will be keeping my current domain name, just going to migrate things over here. I will be moving my latest blog posts over here as well.

Life doesn't have to be so difficult,

and my website doesn't have to be so difficult either. I want to spend my time writing, not fighting with my website or ignoring it because it is just such a pain. So, here I am and here I will stay for the foreseeable future.

Lotus flower painting
A painting I did years ago. I was inspired by the lotus and how it needed mud to make beauty.

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