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The Easiest Way

To my heart is usually tacos. Not Taco Bell tacos, no no. I want the good ones.

I'm talking shady looking taco truck on the side of the road with some Latinx women running the show. That is where you find the good tacos. No crunchy tacos, because wtf is up with that? The wrapper is not where I want my crunchy.

That is usually the easiest way to my dark little heart. Right now though, that isn't entirely feasible.

Right now the easiest way to my heart is to clean something. -.-

Seriously, my family is spending a lot more time at home and the dishes, the dirt tracked in, the laundry my husband is creating...

He owns more pants than I do pants and leggings. Or jeggings, really into jeggings lately. Which are also an easy way into my heart right now.

I wasn't a fan of jeggings, for a very long time. But, around the end of March, I started working out. Daily. So now my butt is getting rounder (thank you squats). Sounds great except it makes my jeans pull weird. They are pulling in on my lower belly and sitting too low on my butt. It's a whole new order of lame, butt here we are. (he-he, see what I did there?)

Jeggings however, do not give a single fuck. They form fit around my now more round butt and stay where I put them. As someone who has spent entirely to much time tugging her clothes one way or another, this is glorious. I am in love with the fit.

Plus, they give me the illusion that I actually got dressed in something not pajamas.

Ok, that is it for the moment. Back into the writing rabbit hole, sneak peeks from A Vampire's Fate are coming really soon to the email. Are you signed up? Want a free preview of one of my other books? Just click right here and enter in your info. That will have you signed up to get all the good stuff.

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