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Self-care in a Time of Quarantine

This whole quarantine bites and not in a good way. That said, it is a good thing for a lot of reasons and I am staying quarantined as much as I possibly can. I still go out for groceries, no choice there. Today I actually went out for coffee (beans not a cup of). I was near out and I love my family. I want them to live so I need to have coffee. So that is my self-care number one:

Keep coffee well supplied

My family is here so much right now and I am not used to that. My usual thing is for the dogs and me to chill during the day while everyone is gone. I work, they watch me tap away on my desk, not even slightly puzzled with my strange behaviors anymore. Having everyone here means I don't get all that alone time anymore. I carve it out where and when I can but I kind of just have to deal right now. Today, I totally soaked up the time alone in my truck. It really made me feel a lot better about life in general just to have that time alone. That is self-care number two:

Carve out space for just you every chance you get

The sun has been coming out more and more lately. This delights me because for all that my mind is moon powered my body needs sunlight. Now that I think about it, the need to soak up the sun is, I suppose, a part of that moon powered me because isn't that what the moon does? She soaks up the rays of the sun and shines bright on us all. Too cold outside for me to soak up sunlight? No problem, where is a patch of sun coming through a window? I will lay me down in the lovely patch of sunlight and soak it up. Love, love, love soaking up some sunlight. That is self-care number three:

Get a little sunlight on your body*

I tend to have very high expectations of myself and I push myself further than I should on a regular basis. There are many reasons for this and they don't matter a bit right now. What does matter right now is that I am practicing letting go of that. Letting go of the guilt for not doing more when I just can't for whatever reason. Guilt still happens but I am letting that go too. It isn't always easy but practice helps. So the last thing is:

Act like Elsa and Let It Go.

*Do the sun thing safely if you choose to do that. Use sunscreen or sunblock, it is my understanding that skin cancer is very unpleasant.

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