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New Book in the Works!

So, if you are opted in to my newsletter, you have already seen the covers for the next book series. If you aren't, you can click here and get signed up. Takes two minutes and well, those of us that aren't out there being essential employees, we have time right now. On to the next book series!

I haven't shared the blurb at all yet, mostly because I just finished it. The work thing is more difficult right now for various reasons. But first, the rest of the lovely new covers!

Now, here is the blurb so far. It is definitely subject to change and I absolutely would love any constructive feedback you have to offer.

A Vampire's Fate

A fated mates series

A love for all time.

Two hundred years ago we sought the magic that would tie us together for eternity.

We never guessed that was what he waited for, a way to torment my beloved Devon for all time.

By killing me each time Devon found me.

This time it will be different.

Fate: recently widowed witch and happy to stay single. Until Devon walks into her library.

Devon: Two hundred plus-year-old vampire, tied to Fate by unbreakable magic.

Charles: Once Devon’s best friend, now his vampire sire and eternal tormenter.

I have to get to the writing now, this is all you get today.

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