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Moving and Book Release Day

*** A note on this post. This was originally published on a former website on 4, September 2019. I am leaving that hosting for this one and migrating my former posts over here. Some information may not be accurate, but I am leaving the posts as they were.

Moving Day is Upon Us

Sort of. Moving into a new place across the state is big. Not quite as big as moving to another state, but still, so much to do. The packing seems like it will never end. A feeling exacerbated by my broken foot. I can only be up doing things for so long before it swells up and my toes look like they will split from the pressure. I am really no good at sitting still and not doing the things that must be done. I want all this packing done now. 

This is completely a PTSD related thing for me. The abuse from my childhood and from the first three husbands took its toll on my mental health and this need to do all things now and as perfect a job at doing it as I am capable of is part of that. It causes me a lot of anxiety being slowed like this but I have puppies. And a cat. They really help me in maintaining my self. 

We nearly have everything set up to get ourselves to the new place. Still have to get the water turned on over there, but you have to go in person to do that. They won't do anything but take your money online. However, the internet company is happy to get you set up online and I am super excited for 120+ Mbps. I will be streaming all the Corazón Valiente and some other telenovelas that I love. Plus, amenities. I am looking forward to living close to all the amenities. I have an inability to digest red meat. We have 3 places that we can eat at in our current town, that are safe for me. Eating at places that have more vegetarian options than "you can have a plate of sides" is awesome. Especially since here in the south, the sides aren't safe. Most of them have pork in them because that makes things taste so good. I can't be mad at them for that but I can't eat it either.

Book Release Day

I am so happy that my book release is almost here! Book Release Day is September 30th, but you can preorder it now by clicking this link. That will take you to the preorder page where you can get your copy set to download the minute it releases. 

A black man in a hat sits on a bench at a bus stop a large board featuring the cover of Selena Rose: Daughter of the Moon is to the left of him and a woman in a long flowing dress and hijab stands near the board.

I just love this picture. If you are an author, make your own at Book Brush. They are fabulous and make this stuff easy. 


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