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Kobo plus

Kobo has done something fantastic! Kobo has been testing their subscription model in other countries for a few years now. Recently they opened it up to the US! Why does this matter? Because their program is great for everyone. Readers get to read all the books for one low price while authors not only get paid, but there is no exclusivity requirement.

And that means that as an author I can continue selling on ALL retailer platforms while I participate in Kobo Plus.

So if Amazon is your thing and where you want to buy your books, my books will still be there. But if Kobo is your jam and the idea of a subscription program that allows you to read all the books makes you quiver with anticipation, Kobo is here for you.

Want to learn more about the program? Click Here

(in case the link doesn't work -

Happy reading!



My books are all in the Kobo plus program. Did I mention that authors get paid for every time you read the book in the program? You read it twice, we get paid for that.

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