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I stand with you.

The world has been on fire for a long time. People of color, women, and the LGBTQIA+ community have been under fire and lacking in equality since forever.

We cannot go on like this. The murdering of the black community must stop. If you are feeling a way about the rioting but not about the murders, I need you to sit with that feeling until you know why that is a problem. Don't come at me with nonsense like they should protest peacefully. They did. YouThe told them to stand.

They are completely justified in their riots and I support 100%. Our job as white or white passing or somewhere in between the two is to stand with them and to amplify the message. To call out our friends and family and neighbors that are more concerned with property damage than they are with the constant loss of life the black community is facing DAILY.

I also want to remind everyone that this country was founded on riots. That every time a group has gained some of the rights they should have had to begin with, they had to riot to get them.

And I want to remind everyone that armed white men protested VERY RECENTLY about having to stay home and wear masks during a pandemic. They protested things meant to keep themselves and others safe. Not the murder of their community, the measures put in place to keep all communities safer.

While it may well be beyond the capabilities of the person in the oval office to change for the better, America is capable. Let us all be the change this country is so desperately in need of.

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