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Happenings in my writing world

Today I finally updated my website to reflect A Vampire's Treasure being released already.

What can I say but I forgot to look at the website. It is updated now, though I still need to add some new links to The Chronicles of Fate's Vampire because those two books are also available on Eden Books now.

I have switched my emails to once a month at this point, because that is what I can keep up with these days. I do tend to that myself, which means if you get an email from me and hit the reply button, it is me that will see it and reply if needed. If no reply is needed then I can assure you I am happily in my writer corner having a squee moment. Sign up here-->

Tiktok has roped me in. I love it so much. In fact, I started posting videos. Mostly my dogs, but also occasionally me. You should go check out the puppy videos, they are adorable.

Here is a link-

Follow me, for the puppies. And I am likely to give a tour of the grimoire I am putting together a piece at a time, so if you are interested in that, it will happen over on Tiktok.

If YouTube and working on projects together virtually is your thing, I got you! Every Wednesday and Friday night I go live on there at 9pm est. We have a blast on there and I try not to make a complete fool of myself. Sometimes I succeed.

Well, that was a lot of not book writing. OH! Wait! I forgot to tell you that I have a special prequel coming out for The Chronicles of Fate's Vampire! That will go up for preorder on most sites sometime in the next two weeks. I will be providing brand new links in the inbox of my subscribers, so if you would like this to be made extra easy for you, sign up now. Next email goes out on the 6th of October.

Now, I am off to do the writing thing, in a book. Have a wonderful evening/day, and hopefully I will see you somewhere soon!

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