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Edits, Things Learned, and Book Reviews

***Post note: This was originally posted 27, August 2019. It was reposted because of a change in websites. So not all the information is accurate.

The release of my book is just creeping closer and closer. I am a little freaked by it. Mostly because I am not done with the edits just yet. I have one month to the day to get it uploaded to the KDP site.

Things  learned

In doing these edits and working with a critique partner I have learned some things about my writing style. Basically, I blaze through the first round writing and I add little to no backstory or description of things like clothing or appearance or setting. I know the reason for this, I reliably skip right over the excessive description in my own reading. I have read a pretty wide variety of authors and there are certain authors whose writing I adore but whose love of describing in great detail everything about a character's appearance drives me to page skipping. Another favorite is war description, tedious amounts of detail about every facet of the war and how each soldier is doing (or dying as the case may be) and my eyes just glaze over and I skim pages to the end of that battle.

So in my own writing I tend to skip those things entirely. Which means that my edits look a bit different than most, I am not having to remove extraneous bits. Nope. I have to add these things in during the edits process.  It works for me, I end my book with this word count and by the time I get through the edits I have added a few thousand more to the word count.

What I have been reading lately

These are my most recent reads of the fiction kind:

Witchlit: Words from the Cauldron by Witches Who WriteThe Darkness series (9 books total) by K. F. Breene (link takes you to book 1)

The Shadow Demons Saga by Sarra Cannon (link takes you to set of the first 3 books)

Damiano De Luca: A Second Chance Mafia Romance by Parker S. Huntington

The Thorne Witches Book (6 books total, I am on book 4) by T. M. Cromer (link takes you to the first book in the series)

My review of the books

So, Witchlit is a compilation book created by the stories of multiple Witch Authors. I love the book as a whole though not all of the stories appeal to my tastes. It is a great compilation and well worth the purchase. I am still reading this as the stories in it are short and I use it for those times when I am stuck waiting somewhere. It works perfect for that, I get my reading fix and nobody has to deal with me being impatient.                                  

The Darkness series from K. F. Breene I have thoroughly enjoyed. But honestly, I really enjoy everything I have read of hers. Her Demigods of San Francisco series, so much love. This series took vampires to a whole nother sexy level, I needed ice it was so hot.        

The Shadow Demons Saga is one that I have yet to finish. It is getting better as I read. I have read 4 of the books in the series so far, I am looking forward to reading more of them. I want to know what happens to Harper now that she is where she is in the series.    

Damiano De Luca has a good storyline but really would have been better if the main love interest had lived up to her potential.  I was disappointed in the amount of power she could have wielded and didn't. Mostly she continually gave up her power for no good reason.

The Thorne Witches series is great, I am really enjoying it for the most part. I am having trouble getting through book 4 though. The male love interest has a lot of rape-y behaviors that I am not comfortable with reading. He crosses a lot of lines and the main character is upset and at the same time down with it.

Coming Soon

I am working through the edits and as soon as I get through this round of edits I will be starting to post book excerpts! I know I am super excited and I hope you are too! The first excerpt will go out to my email list, so if you aren't signed up to that yet... What are you waiting for?  Go sign up! Great things are coming. The signup form is on the upper left side of the page. 


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