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Cover Reveal! Book 3!

I am so happy to finally be revealing the cover for book 3 of my Daughter of the Moon series. The book is well on its way to being complete and I will have all the pre-orders up soon! Right now it is only on Amazon as a preorder. Kobo is processing and I plan to get the others started later this week.

Do you love the new cover? I have begun sending excerpts out to my newsletter subscribers, if you want to get early peeks at the book, all you need to do is click the link below and sign up for my newsletter. I will send pictures of the puppies too. Because I can't help but share puppy pictures. Where was I? Oh! Link!

Sign me up for excerpts and puppy pictures!

I would love to hear from you, tell me what you think of the new cover, have you enjoyed the series so far? If you have, you are going to love book 3, it is the best! I cannot wait to share this one with you! You can email me at

Ok, I have to get back in the writing rabbit hole. I emerged just to share this with you. Have a wonderful week and make sure to click that signup link, you will get a free preview of Thorns of the Rose just for signing up.

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