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Cover reveal!

Many of you are aware that I changed the cover for Selena Rose after I published it. I found the cover that fits the book and genre perfectly. That caused another problem because once I changed the first book cover, well, I had bought the second book cover to match that and it didn't anymore. I took my time and searched for that second book cover to go with the new first cover. I am so happy to reveal the new cover for book 2 in the Daughter of the Moon series, Thorns of the Rose!

When I released Selena Rose I put that book right into kindle unlimited, and that has worked reasonably well. It does mean that I am locked into being only on Amazon. While I love the zon, I don't care for being locked into just their marketplace. This month of December 2019 is the last month on the contract to be Amazon exclusive. January 2020, Selena Rose will be available on Apple Books and Kobo as well. I am super excited to go wide, as the other indie authors call it. If you have been thinking about reading Selena Rose via the kindle unlimited program, now is the time. Besides, everyone needs some reading downtime during the holiday season. It is good for the brain. Here is a handy picture link below!

I have been ramping up on the newsletter writing and I am finding that I like it a lot. I send an email every other Monday and it feels like I am talking directly to all my people, telling them all the things happening and I share other authors along with whatever promo group I may be involved with right then. And pictures of the puppies. I love to share pictures of them, both in the newsletter and on Instagram. (Click the word to go to my account and see for yourself.)

That is all I have time for tonight, it is already midnight when I am writing this. Oh! One more thing! I finished the first draft of Thorns of the Rose and it is moving into the editing phase. I will be working on finishing the outline for book 3 over the next week or so. I have it started already and I am hoping to get through the outline fairly quickly so I can get the blurb done and get it up for pre-order.

Love and Tacos!


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