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A Vampire's Fate

A Fated Mates Vampire / Witch steamy romance

My name is Fate. I thought my life was over when my husband died.

But it was just beginning.

Devon walked into the library, I thought he was trouble wrapped in a tall, dark and handsome package that I couldn't stay away from. He wants things from me that I just can't give, like the heart I buried with my husband.

My body yearns for him even while my brain screams run...

Right up until someone starts trying to kill me. Now Devon may be the only one that can save me as the killer my husband hired before his death still plans to earn her pay.


This book is now free! I have set it free as of December 9, 2020. Each retailer has been changed except for Amazon. The others will get the price change out as soon as possible, but the lowest Amazon will allow me to price it is .99¢. Please report it free to them as often as you can. 

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Sin on a Dark Knight

A Steamy, Dark Vampire Romance

Nearly ready to escape the marriage I thought would be salvation, I return home to find that someone else has set me free by murdering my husband.




If I can just stay alive long enough to enjoy it, because it looks like the vampires that killed him are still hungry and I look like a snack. On the run from one sexy sounding vampire, I fall into the lap of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. He says he is no better than the guy after me, but he saves my life.


What's one more sin?


Now I am in a world I never knew existed, vampires and magic are real. What seems like sin might be my only chance to survive.

Besides, it's just one little bite into a world beyond my wildest dreams.



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Selena Rose: Daughter of the Moon Trilogy Book 1


Selena is a normal witch, not terribly powerful but happily selling her herbal wares online and raising her daughter. Suddenly leveling up in the power department and finding out that her mother is not dead made her day, except why would anyone lie about her mom being dead? If that wasn't quite enough to deal with, her ex, Gabriel, walks back into her life just as she grows closer to her friend Dwayne. As she and Dwayne grow closer Gabriel grows more desperate to have her, just how far will he go to possess her?

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Price: Free

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