The Chronicles of Fate's Vampire

A Vampire's Fate

A love for all time.

Two hundred years ago we sought the magic that would tie us together for eternity.

We never guessed that was what he waited for, a way to torment my beloved Devon for all time.

By killing me each time Devon found me.

This time will be different.


Fate: recently widowed witch and happy to stay single. Until Devon walks into her library.

Devon: Two hundred plus year old vampire, tied to Fate by an unbreakable magic.

Charles: Once Devon’s best friend, now his vampire sire and eternal tormentor. 




Our love has lasted lifetimes.


His hate has killed me in every one of them.


Will our love find a way to keep me alive in this one?


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Fate is moving on with her life, but the past is coming back to bite her.

Devon: Fate's vampire lover that stubbornly refuses to make her a vampire, but won't say why.

Charles: The vampire that keeps killing her as revenge on Devon only he is falling hard for her this time around.

Fate knows where her heart and soul need her to be; how far will she go to stay with Devon when it could cost the lives of everyone around her?

Books to come in the

Chronicles of Fate's Vampire series

The Daughter of the Moon series

Selena Rose: Daughter of the Moon Trilogy Book 1


Selena is a normal witch, not terribly powerful but happily selling her herbal wares online and raising her daughter. Suddenly leveling up in the power department and finding out that her mother is not dead made her day, except why would anyone lie about her mom being dead? If that wasn't quite enough to deal with, her ex, Gabriel walks back into her life just as she grows closer to her friend Dwayne. As she and Dwayne grow closer Gabriel grows more desperate to have her, just how far will he go to possess her?

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Price: Free

Thorns of the Rose: Daughter of the Moon Trilogy Book 2


What happens when your stalker ex dies but still doesn't go away?
Selena's ex is supposed to be dead but somehow here he is still harassing her. As if that wasn't enough Aunt Hecate shows up on her doorstep determined to stay until she recovers the soul that escaped her escort. Her once quiet love life suddenly has a crazy ex haunting her, a hot shifter that she would really like to cuddle up with, and her new bodyguard?
Life isn't quiet anymore, but could it at least slow down just a little?

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Price:  .99¢

Heart of the Rose
Daughter of the Moon
Trilogy Book 3

Selena’s life has never been better.

Great boyfriend, two business partners that she can trust implicitly, and her new house is perfect. Life couldn’t be better, but it’s about to be a lot worse.

Luna is loving her life.

Back together with Apophis, relationships with her daughters are the best they’ve ever been, and she has three children she can grandmother all she wants. Then he shows up in her town and her life is changed forever.

Join Selena and Luna for the stunning conclusion in the Daughter of the Moon Trilogy!


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Daughter of the Moon box set!

Get all three books in one!



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