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Author Consulting

Hello amazing author!


Hopefully you have wandered over to find out more about this consulting thing I am offering.  We should talk about what an appointment with me will include before you book.


Things I have experience in that I can use to help you:

  • Getting familiar with various wide websites for publishing.

  • Setting up a tracking system for your book information to streamline the publishing process.

  • Knowing what information you should be tracking.

  • Tracking paid newsletter usage and why you should.

  • Keeping your BISACs (and BICs for Google Play) the same across the platforms that use them.

  • Tag and Keywords- tracking them and how to find keywords for you, where you should use them.

  • Using things like Plottr, Scrivener, and Notion as part of your writing.

  • Researching your genre and knowing your genre.

  • Researching what covers in your genre should look like.


Things I won't be helpful with:

  • Getting tiktok famous.

  • Ads.

  • How to be successful as an indie author without learning a lot of things.

  • Anything shady. If you want shady, slimy, or criminal advice I am not the one.


I am a multi published author of magical smut novels, also known as paranormal romance, but what I can help with is pretty standard across genre. I won't be telling you how you should market things, that isn't my thing. I can show you some ways to keep track of your marketing and why you absolutely should be tracking all the marketing you do. Need help streamlining your book information so that publishing and advertising don't take hours and hours to do? I got you.

All that said, if you feel like I could help you, follow the steps below.


Instructions to set up a consult with me:

  • This is the Calendly link to book your appointment. Make sure to input your paypal email address.  I have only certain spaces for appointments. Mostly, this does not include mornings. If you need a time on a different day, please do message me and I will work with you as my schedule allows.

  • Fill out this intake form, this helps me decide if I can in fact, help you.

  • If it seems like I can help you I will then send you an invoice via paypal for $50. The appointment is not set until the invoice is paid.

  • Be on time or even be early. If you don't show I will still be there for the full hour, and my pups will be thrilled with all the petting. I will have done my part, and there will be no refunds or free future bookings because you didn't show.

  • Reschedule at least 3 hours in advance if you have something come up. If you reschedule within 3 hours of your appointment, you will need to pay a $25 fee for the appointment to move forward.

  • If I reschedule for some emergency, that is on me. It will be a free reschedule and you will get extra time in your appointment.


I can help you with getting your publishing more streamlined so that you have more time for writing and life, but no matter how much information I impart to you, if you don't do the work or implement the things it will do nothing for you.

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