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A Vampire's Chase
Steamy paranormal romance

Fate is back home where she belongs but danger lurks around every corner.


New abilities and a new soul bond with her former kidnapper complicate things plenty. But things really heat up when her sister escapes and vows to put an end to Fate for her mysterious benefactor.


Just how much can one girl take?

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My Witchy Valentine

Steamy Holiday Romance

Amira hasn't always wanted to leave the small town they raised her in. Now that her sister is happily partnered up and Mom has decided she is next; this is the perfect time to make her move.


Moving to the city doesn’t change her nature and as a mechanic, stopping to help a someone stranded is just what she does. It blows up in her face when Mr. Strand is gorgeous and wants to thank her with a night out.


It’s just one dinner. What could go wrong?


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