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A Vampire's Fight
Steamy paranormal romance

The forces working in the shadows have grown impatient and the danger surrounding Fate grows with every second that passes.

Knowing that Demeter is desperate to grab her before she is fully a goddess, Fate is sticking close to home. She has plenty to occupy her there with her two mates, a foundation to get off the ground, and powers she has barely began to explore. Add an intense training schedule and trying to get to know her parents, finding things to do is the only thing she is not concerned with. With all her distractions will she find a way to stop Demeter and the Beast?

Find out in the stunning conclusion to The Chronicles of Fate's Vampire series!

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Sin on a Dark Kinght

Steamy Paranormal Romance

A Dark Vampire Romance

Jasmine escapes the prison of her marriage and finds herself in a world she never knew existed, where the lines between good and evil are rarely clear and never as expected.


Jasmine is looking for a way out of her broken marriage without being broken herself. 

She is almost there when she arrives home after work to find her husband viciously murdered and she is next on the menu! 

She escapes into a world of vampires and sees her freedom in one tiny bite, what's one more sin?


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