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I am currently working on a whole new series in the paranormal romance genre. I will debut the series covers in my next email on the 6th of  April. (If you aren't already signed up for my emails you can get in on the form below) The first book is planned for a July release at the latest. Possibly it could arrive before that, but like everyone else, most of my family is home a lot right now. The world is disrupted at the moment and anxiety is at an all-time high. So July at the latest but before that if possible. Check back for updates or, sign up below and get them delivered to your inbox with puppy pictures.

Heart of the Rose
Daughter of the Moon
Trilogy Book 3

Selena’s life has never been better.

Great boyfriend, two business partners that she can trust implicitly, and her new house is perfect. Life couldn’t be better, but it’s about to be a lot worse.

Luna is loving her life.

Back together with Apophis, relationships with her daughters are the best they’ve ever been, and she has three children she can grandmother all she wants. Then he shows up in her town and her life is changed forever.

Join Selena and Luna for the stunning conclusion in the Daughter of the Moon Trilogy!

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